Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day Five: 61 Miles

This morning we woke up after a stressful night of sleep. Lotte and I looked at the 300+ miles of desert that awaited us through Eastern Oregon. We gathered our audacity and decided to hitchike to the next town: Burns, 89 miles away.

As I exited the bathroom at the rest stop an army covey flooded the area. There were over 30 army vehicles in front of me. It was bizarre. Young attractive men dressed head to toe in camouflouge clothing. As one passed by he yelled at us,

" You girls are biking through this? You have more Balls than we do?!"

After hitching a ride with Chuck, the old Vietnam Vet, we arrived in Burns. We immeaditaley headed out and continued our journey. Hills after hills in the hot sun.

Day 4: 66 Miles

Sisters to Brothers

Today presented new challenges.
As we headed out of Sisters I realized that there was an issue with my gears- as it turns out when I had a kick stand put on in Sisters, the bike mechanic caught my bike gear wire inside the kickstand. oops. Therefore I realized that I only had 3 gears. I toughed it out the 20 miles to Bends, where we stopped at the Bike shop. On the way I somehow fell off the bike again in desperation. Ouch.

Sweet Jamie fixed the gears for free. I almost asked him to marry me.

We headed out of Bends around three into the long highway through the desert: Route 20. The landscape is barren, the air arid and dry. The sun is hot and the muted yellows and green is all that we see for miles and miles.

By dusk we pulled into the small town of Brothers. It seemed like a ghost town: a broken down school house and old general store. The winds were feirce. We quickly cooked macaroni and cheese and pitched our tent on the grounds of the Rest area. Spooky.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sisters: Mary and Rose


I have to say that Sisters is the ideal town to encounter post mountain climb. Its center is decored with shop fronts following a Wild Wild West theme. There is a famous yarn and quilt shop, and reknown for its yearly quilting festival. While visting the local bike shop to get my pedal fixed we met a little angel named Rose that invited us to stay at her house. A few hours later we were seated with the two lovely sisters, Rose and Mary of Sisters Oregon eating yummy tofy stirfry and sharing stories of worldy travels and future aspirations. Lotte and I kept sharing glances like, did we dream up the sisters of Sisters, Oregon? Could they be any more sweet? After hours of chatter another amazing day came to an end.